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NY Times

Meat Labels Hope to Lure the Sensitive Carnivore

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Independent Weekly

Mae Farm in Franklin County raises free-range hogs

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North Carolina

Mae Farms Meats Produces Pork and Beef the Humane Way

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Business North Carolina

The art of fine swining

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Meet Mike Jones & Family - Owners

Hi, I'm Mike Jones.  Since I was a young boy I have always aspired to owning and operating my own farm. Now it is a reality. With 20 years experience in the swine industry, my sole purpose is providing you, the consumer, with the best product possible. I am confident that our product will meet or exceed your expectations.  My family (shown below) work very hard on our farm to bring you the best and healthiest meats you can buy!

Note: We are no longer selling our meat through Whole Foods.  We are selling only through our farm and at the NC State Farmers Market.

Where Can You Find Us?

We sell our meats at the NC State Farmer's Market.  We are inside the first fully-enclosed building.



Thurs-Sun: 9am-6pm 

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Send us an email at

Find us at the NC State Farmers Market:

1201 Agriculture St, Raleigh, NC 27603

Want To Visit Our Farm?

Call us to arrange a tour! Come see our animals roaming the pastures and having fun in the sun (or wallowing in the mud!)

Our farm is located in Louisburg NC North of Wake Forest.

Find us at the NC State Farmers Market:

1201 Agriculture St, Raleigh, NC 27603







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